At Coastal Pools are mission is to provide you with your dream backyard pool project, every project will go through a design phase to make sure your pool project exceeds your expectations. Different projects will require different Design levels, our unique process Design Levels are put in place to help you envision the project before ground is ever broken.

Standard Design

Our standard design process, is included for any customer who has a New Pool Consultation, Coastal Pools will design a 2-D Construction Drawing of your project, to scale, to fine tune the location, shape, size and features of your swimming pool, hardscape and outdoor living aspects of your project.

Enhanced Design

For those customers who are more visual, we offer 3-D designs which bring the project to life before ever breaking ground. This 3-D design will help us fine tune your design taking it to the next level, we can show different finishes for your pool, hardscapes and veneer work to help with your material selections. Coastal Pools will build to scale a 3-D representation of your backyard pool project, with basic landscaping designs. This design phase is available for a fee, the design work can be done together with the customers input, or we can provide a design based upon our expertise and knowledge we gained from your New Pool Consultation.

Ultimate Design

At Coastal Pools, we are pool builders, we provide high quality swimming pool and outdoor projects; we have a great design program in house but their our projects out there that need that extra touch that we can’t accommodate. For those projects who need that extra touch of visual-aid to make their thoughts become reality, we have partnered with Lee Kind at Creative Poolscapes to bring that next level of design to your project. Lee is an award winning Swimming Pool Designer who has worked on projects all over the United States and brings his expertise to the table to help make sure there is no stone un-turned for your project. For a fee Lee, will take your design to the next level, incorporating Landscaping, Lighting and many other aspects of your job that our outside of our realm of expertise from a design aspect.

” I have always been a designer. Blocks, Legos and LiteBrite gave way to Community Theater Sets and Props, which gave way to Sculpture, Wood, Ceramics and a medium that would become a permanent part of my life: The seasonality of Pools in the Northeast has allowed me to continue exploring my passion for this other fascinating liquid. ” Lee Kind Creative Poolscapes

Landscape Design

At Coastal Pools, we are experts in our industry, and we can build you the perfect pool and outdoor living area, however there is one thing we don’t have and that’s a green thumb. For those projects where the pool is just a small part of the project, and landscaping maybe the focal point, we urge all of our customers to seek the guidance of a landscape architect. Landscape architects help tie the entire project together, using local plantings and planting designs to make the entire project look seamless. We highly recommend for those projects that need that complete landscape design to let us introduce you to Miles Benard at South Fork Studio.

“South Fork Studio constantly strives to blend timeless aesthetic qualities with low-impact, sustainable ecosystems.

Every project is treated as a unique opportunity to provide our clients with environmentally beneficial and functional living spaces.  We make our philosophy of minimal impact real by investing in our relationships with our clients.  We keep the big picture in focus and continually work to create a community that functions with its environment as an integral part of the whole. Miles Graduated from the University of Maryland and started South Fork Studio in 2003, located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Miles brings the perfect landscape design aspect to the table for our clients living on or near the Chesapeake Bay.

Though every project is unique, our philosophy remains the same: at South Fork Studio we are fully dedicated to creating inviting, innovative, and environmentally sustainable human spaces.”