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Large Tanning Ledge and Arched Pool

Custom Concrete Swimming Pools

The majority of the time, our customers have a small vision in their head, and lean on our design team to bring their vision to life. This home owner, walked in to the initial sales consultation with a to scale diagram of what they wanted. Our job was just to bring that to life.

This gorgeous property sits on Cox Creek in Queen Anne’s County Maryland, and the goal of this pool was to bring maximum relaxation and ambiance to an already beautiful view. When the home owner presented the design to us, we knew from the start this was a job for Coastal Pools, we couldn’t wait to bring this job to life.


The first thing you see when you walk into this backyard is the large curved/arched wall on the water side of the property. The homeowner wanted something to break up the hardlines of the home and hardscaping, adding this large curved area gives this pool the perfect architectural touch and makes it stand out in an already gorgeous back yard.

From there your eyes are drawn to the large tanning ledge with full width steps that wrap around the ledge turning into benches on each side of the pool. The ledge, steps and bench provide maximum room to relax in the pool, while enjoying the breathtaking view. Lined with a glass 1 x 2 tile, the ledge, steps and benches stand out from the rest of the pool, while providing the perfect touch of color.

The hardscaping was done by our good friends at Wade Landscapes in Edgewater, Maryland. They travertine coping, was custom cut to fit the radius’s of the pool, to give this project an even further custom look. The hardscaping which matches the coping in color and material was layed in a french pattern, which accents the radius areas of the pool that it touches.

Two Firebowls are placed perfectly on the both sides of the large tanning ledge to provide a perfect ambient light source for warm evenings by the pool.

Finally you notice the water color which sits a brighter blue by design from Cox Creek that sits 100′ feet away, the pool finish is a pebble finish from Wet Edge Technologies that not only looks amazing but comes with a 15 year warranty and will last this home owner up to 30 years before they have to think about refinishing their pool.

Fun build and amazing job by our entire team.


Waterline Tile for Pool and Spa: Tahitian Blue 6 x 6 by Classic Pool Tile and Stone

Trim Tile: Monroe Royal Sky Blue 1 x 2 Glass Tile by National Pool Tile

Patio: Avena Antiqued French Pattern by Marmiro Stone

Coping: 12″ x 24″ x 2″ Custom Radius Avena Antiqued by Marmiro Stone

Pool Finish: Brilliant Blue Signature Matrix Pebble Finish by Wet Edge Technologies

Interested in a creating your own backyard Oasis, contact Coastal Pools to do to receive your free consultation and pool design, to see how your own private paradise looks and feels.