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Pool Closing Services

As the crisp air of autumn breezes in, every swimming pool owner knows it’s time for pool closing. Just as a swimming pool brings endless fun in the summer, the pool closing process ensures its protection throughout the colder months. Let’s dive into the importance of this service and what our team at Coastal Pools offers. 

The Importance of Closing Your Pool for Winter

Closing your pool for winter is crucial to protect both the swimming pool and its equipment from potential damage due to freezing temperatures. Whether you own an above-ground pool or an inground pool, proper closing safeguards the pool water, pool walls, and pool equipment from the havoc freezing weather can wreak.

Our Pool Closing Services

At Coastal Pools, our specialized pool closing services are tailor-made to your pool’s needs. For those with above-ground pools or the classic in-ground pools, our process involves the following:

  1. Draining the pool water to an optimal level to prevent expansion damage.
  2. Cleaning the pool to avoid algae growth.
  3. Comprehensive equipment maintenance, ensuring that the pool pump, pool filter, and other equipment are winter-ready.
  4. Application of winterizing chemicals to balance the water chemistry and inhibit algae.
  5. Securing with a winter pool cover to keep out debris and melted snow.

Our Professional Winterization Process

Our team follows a meticulous process. First, we balance the water chemistry – adjusting for pH, calcium hardness, and alkalinity. We then remove and store pool accessories like diving boards and ladders. Pool vacuum and cleaning ensure that no debris is left. Using an air compressor, we blow out the water lines, ensuring no water remains that could freeze. Finally, we add pool antifreeze to the lines as an added layer of protection.

Experienced Pool Care Team

Experience matters in pool maintenance. Our Coastal Pool family has dealt with a myriad of above-ground pools and in-ground pool scenarios. This hands-on experience means we’re adept at understanding the unique requirements of each pool. From identifying the right pool cover to ensuring your sand filters and filtration system are optimally set, we’re here for you.

Winter Maintenance Tips

Even after closing your pool, a little winter care goes a long way. Regularly check your winter cover for damage or water accumulation. Monitor the water balance periodically, even in the off-season. Ensure the air pillow beneath the cover (used especially for above-ground pools) remains inflated.

Year-Round Services

Beyond our winter services, Coastal Pools is your partner year-round. From the new pool design services, summer maintenance, and rejuvenating renovations to closing your pool for winter, we’re with you at every step. As seasons change, so do pool needs, and we ensure your swimming pool remains in pristine condition.

Why Choose Coastal Pools

Quality, expertise, and dedication define us. Our commitment to service excellence means your pool gets the best treatment. Our knowledge of pool water dynamics, equipment nuances, and seasonal variations ensures your pool is in safe hands. From above-ground pool setups to intricate in-ground designs, we’ve seen and serviced them all. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the feedback from our satisfied customers!

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Ready to winterize your pool? Or have queries about pool closing or any other services? Our dedicated team at Coastal Pools is here to assist. Call today and let our experts guide you through the process, ensuring your pool remains safe, clean, and ready for the next summer splash!

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Yes, a pool cover is essential, especially during the off-season. It keeps out debris, reduces algae growth, and can help maintain water temperature. There are different types of covers, like solid covers, mesh covers, and winter pool covers, each serving a specific purpose.

It’s best to close your pool when the temperature drops consistently below 60°F (15°C). This reduces the chance of algae growth during the off-season.

What precautions our technicians take when winterizing a pool depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of pool and pool area landscape. Generally, our technicians drain the water, check for any damage or leaks, clean and vacuum the surface as needed, add antifreeze to all piping, and cover the pool with a winter cover. They may also take other steps, such as disconnecting pumps and filters, adding algaecide, or backwashing filters if necessary.

Melting snow or rain can cause water to accumulate on top of a pool cover. It’s essential to remove this water to prevent damage to the cover and ensure it functions effectively.

Yes, an inground pool typically requires a different winter pool cover than an above-ground pool. This is due to differences in their shapes, structures, and anchoring methods.

Yes, skimmer baskets are usually removed when you close your pool to prevent potential damage and ensure proper winterization.