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Pool Remodel in Easton Maryland

Custom Concrete Swimming Pools,Recent Projects

Recently Coastal Pools was contracted for a pool remodel in Easton, Maryland.


As you can see from the picture below, this pool was very outdated. The Tile was something out of the 1970’s, and the Coping was failing in multiple places. The original pool footprint also had a built in spa, that was not functioning correctly, and would need a new heater and plumbing installed.


Coastal Pools came up with a game plan that would address all of this customers needs and make the pool functional and more practical. First thing we need was demolish the dam wall between the existing Spa and Pool and add a new bench for pool lounging; so we took the spa and made it a functional part of the pool. We then redid all the plumbing to make sure the pool flowed correctly to the skimmers. We then adding a Tanning Ledge to one of the free form curves off the pool, allowing the home owner to relax on the Ledge while looking over their water front yard. Lastly we added new Water Line Tile, Trim Tiles for all the Steps, Benches and Ledges in the pool, New Brick Coping and re-plastered the pool with a high end Wet Edge Quartz finish. This pool now has a pool finish that will be just as strong 20 years from now as it is today, and gave the pool a complete face lift that is now much more functional.

If you have an existing Concrete pool that is in dire need of a face lift or complete re-design please give us a call at 410-827-0888 or shoot us an email to info@coastalpoolbuilders.net