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The Essential Guide to Pool Remodeling

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Providing Premier Pool Remodeling in Maryland & Delaware

Transform your backyard into an oasis with Coastal Pools, the premier choice for pool remodeling services in Maryland and Delaware. With years of expertise and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in turning your existing pool into the luxurious retreat you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re looking to update your pool’s appearance, improve functionality, or incorporate energy-efficient features, our team of professionals are dedicated to providing personalized solutions that meet your specific needs and preferences. Join a growing family of satisfied homeowners who have trusted Coastal Pools to enhance the beauty and value of their properties. 

What Are the Signs It’s Time for a Pool Remodel? 

In today’s increasingly home-centric world, upgrading your outdoor living space has never been more vital. Opting for swimming pool remodeling can significantly elevate your backyard’s enjoyment, aesthetics, and overall home value. Coastal Pools guides you through every step of the transformation, ensuring your pool becomes the heart of your outdoor oasis. Here are several signs to consider a pool remodel now:

Aged or Outdated Design

If your pool looks like it belongs in a bygone era, it’s time for a refresh. Modernizing your pool can dramatically improve your backyard’s aesthetics.

Frequent Repairs

Are you constantly fixing leaks, cracks, or other damages? Frequent repairs are a clear sign that your pool needs a comprehensive remodel.

Inefficient Energy Use

Older pools often lack energy-efficient features, leading to higher utility bills. Upgrading to energy-saving systems can be both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Lack of Safety Features

Updating your pool to include modern safety features, such as non-slip surfaces and proper fencing, is crucial to ensure your family’s and guests’ well-being.

Desire for New Features

Wanting new features like waterfalls, LED lighting, or a spa area indicates it’s time to transform your pool into the oasis you desire.

Altered Needs

If your family’s needs have changed over the years, remodeling your pool to suit these new requirements can enhance your enjoyment and utilization of the space.

What Features Can Be Added to a Pool? 

Discover the endless possibilities of pool renovations with Coastal Pools, where transforming your pool into the pinnacle of luxury and relaxation is made simple. Our seasoned experts bring expertise in crafting pools that reflect the latest design and sustainability trends and serve as a personal haven for you and your family. By choosing us, you’re not just remodeling a pool but investing in a lifestyle. Enhance your pool experience with a variety of cutting-edge features:

Eco-Friendly Solar Heating

Extend your swimming season with energy-efficient solar heating systems that are kind to the environment and your wallet.

Dynamic LED Lighting

Illuminate your nights with programmable LED lighting that can create an ambiance to match any mood or occasion.

Automated Pool Cover

Ensure safety and maintain cleanliness with easy-to-use, automated pool covers that keep debris out and the warmth in.

Robotic Cleaners

Make maintenance a breeze with the latest robotic cleaning technology, ensuring your pool is always ready for swimming.

Infinity Edges

Add a touch of sophistication with an infinity edge that blends your pool into the horizon for breathtaking views.

Interactive Water Features

From gentle rain curtains to exciting water jets, add playful or tranquil water features to your pool.

Customized Spa Additions

Integrate a spa for the ultimate relaxation experience right in your backyard.

Saltwater Systems

Install a saltwater system for a more natural and gentle swimming experience that minimizes the use of chemicals.

Learn What It Takes to Transform Your Pool Step-by-Step

Undertaking a professional pool remodel with Coastal Pools is a seamless and comprehensive process designed to transform your outdoor space into a luxurious haven with minimal hassle. Starting with an in-depth consultation, our experts work closely with you to understand your vision, needs, and the unique aspects of your pool area. Leveraging cutting-edge design software, we present customized, realistic renderings of the proposed remodel, ensuring that every detail aligns with your expectations. Every step is meticulously planned and executed, from securing necessary permits to selecting high-quality materials and advanced technology. Here’s a step-by-step overview of what your remodel could look like: 

Preparation and Demolition

Preparing the site for remodeling may involve demolition, especially if you’re making structural changes to your pool. Our team ensures this process is conducted safely and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your property.

Structural Changes and Enhancements

Whether adding an infinity edge, changing the shape, or incorporating new features like a spa, this step involves making significant structural changes to transform your pool.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

Upgrading plumbing and electrical systems is crucial for modernizing your pool. This step might include the installation of energy-efficient pumps, automated lighting, or even eco-friendly solar heating systems.

Interior Finishing

Your pool’s interior finish plays a significant role in its overall appearance and feel. Options such as plaster, tile, or pebble finishes can dramatically change your pool’s look and are applied at this stage.

Water Features and Accessories Installation

Adding dynamic LED lighting, waterfalls, or jets enhances your pool’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. This step brings your pool to life with your selected custom features.

Filling the Pool and System Testing

After completing all remodeling work, it’s time to fill your pool and test all systems. Our team ensures that everything from filtration to pH balance to heating works efficiently and safely.

Final Inspection and Handover

The final step includes a thorough inspection to ensure that the remodel meets our high standards and your expectations. Upon approval, your transformed pool is ready for you to enjoy.

How Long Does the Remodeling Process Take?

The duration of a pool remodel with Coastal Pools largely depends on the complexity and scope of the project. A comprehensive pool renovation can typically take a few weeks to a month or two. This timeframe accounts for all process stages, from the initial consultation and design phases to demolition, construction, and the final touches. Factors influencing the timeline include the extent of structural changes, added custom features, weather conditions, and permitting requirements. Our team of experts strives to complete your pool remodel efficiently and within the projected timeline, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life while transforming your pool into the stunning oasis you envision.

How Much Does a Pool Renovation Cost? 

The cost of a pool remodel can depend on several factors, including the extent of the renovations, the materials chosen, and any additional features you decide to incorporate. Typically, homeowners can expect the price range to start from a few thousand dollars for essential updates and can soar to tens of thousands for more comprehensive transformations that include high-end finishes, modern safety features, and luxurious add-ons like infinity edges or custom spas. At Coastal Pools, we offer tailored solutions that reflect your specific preferences and budgetary requirements. We ensure transparent pricing, providing detailed estimates covering all aspects of your pool’s renovation to avoid unexpected costs. Because we are a custom-builder, our prices aim to meet the high standards you are wishing for your pool remodel to be.

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To transform your outdoor living area into a luxurious sanctuary, look no further than Coastal Pools. Our dedication to craftsmanship, personalized design, and customer satisfaction positions us as the leading choice for homeowners looking to enhance the beauty and functionality of their pools. With Coastal Pools, you don’t just remodel your pool; you reimagine your entire outdoor experience. Discover the endless possibilities of a pool remodel and unlock the full potential of your backyard oasis. Choose us for your next project and join the plethora of satisfied customers who have made their pool dreams a reality. Visit our website to learn more about our services and start your journey toward an exquisite pool remodel today. Contact our team today to start the journey of transforming your outdoor oasis.