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The True Cost of an Inground Pool: What You Need to Know

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How Much to Install an Inground Pool in Maryland and Delaware 

Coastal Pools, renowned for transforming outdoor living spaces into luxurious retreats, provides expertise in inground pool installation in Maryland and Delaware. Understanding how much to install an inground pool is crucial. The cost of installing an inground pool varies significantly, depending on factors such as size, materials, design complexity, and additional features like lighting, heating, or landscaping. At Coastal Pools, our commitment is to provide transparent, personalized pricing to fit your vision and budget, ensuring that your investment enhances your home’s value and your quality and enjoyment of life. Contact us today to schedule your service appointment. 

Allow Us to Transform Your Inground Pool Oasis Professionally

If you live in a warm area of the country or enjoy the summer seasons when they come, consider installing an inground pool. These assets are great for adding value to your home while enjoying a good time with family and friends. Many dream about having a grill out on their outdoor patio while having a good time with guests around the water. With the help of our trusted professionals, you can transform your backyard into the oasis you’ve always wanted. From fountains to lighting, heating, and more, we can customize your installation to meet your every need. 

How Much Do Small Inground Pools Cost?

Understanding the cost of installing a small inground pool is essential for homeowners looking to enhance their backyard without overspending. Typically, the price range for a small inground pool can vary widely, and it’s important to speak to a professional to understand the cost. Smaller pools are usually used more for lounging or cooling off rather than for swimming.

What Variables Affect the Cost of an Inground Pool Installation? 

Creating the perfect inground pool that fits both your dream outdoor living space and budget requires navigating a variety of crucial factors. At Coastal Pools, we understand the importance of balancing aesthetics, functionality, and cost. Our expertise ensures that your pool installation is tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences, delivering unmatched satisfaction and value. Here are the key variables that play a significant role in determining the cost of an inground pool installation:

  • Size and Depth: Larger and deeper pools demand more materials and labor.
  • Materials Used: Concrete pools with various finishes like plaster, tile, or pebble finishes
  • Design Complexity: Custom designs, shapes, and features like infinity edges or integrated spas can substantially raise costs.
  • Landscaping: The design and implementation of surrounding landscapes and outdoor living areas.
  • Heating and Lighting: Options for extending pool use and enhancing ambiance.
  • Automated Systems: Innovations for cleaning, maintenance, and safety that add convenience and efficiency.

Discover Effective Ways to Minimize Your Cost

Maximizing the value of a professionally installed inground pool while mindful of budget constraints is a priority for many homeowners. With careful planning and strategic decisions, achieving a cost-effective yet luxurious pool is within reach. Our expertise guides you through optimizing your investment, ensuring your dream pool enhances your outdoor living space without breaking the bank. Consider these practical tips to minimize costs:

Selecting Economical Materials

Choose materials that offer durability, longer lifespan, and beauty like concrete. This material can have various finishes based on your needs and desires.

Opting for a Standard Shape and Size

Custom shapes and sizes can significantly increase costs. A classic, geometric pool can be just as appealing and more budget-friendly.

Energy-Efficient Systems

Invest in energy-efficient pumps and heating systems that reduce long-term operational costs, such as solar heaters and variable speed pumps.

Simplifying Design Features

While waterfalls, custom tiles, and infinity edges are stunning, they add to the overall cost. Focusing on simple designs can still create a backyard oasis.

DIY Landscaping

Consider undertaking landscaping projects yourself or in phases to spread out costs over time, adding plants, decking, or patio areas as budget allows.

Does an Inground Pool Add Value to a Home?

Adding an inground pool to your property is often viewed as a significant investment in your home’s aesthetic appeal and functionality, which raises a standard question, “Does it also add to your home’s value?” The answer largely depends on several factors, including your area’s climate, the pool installation’s quality, and current market trends. In regions where warm weather dominates the year and outdoor living is prioritized, inground pools can significantly enhance your property’s attractiveness to potential buyers, potentially increasing your home’s market value. High-quality installations by reputable companies like Coastal Pools, tailored to complement your home’s landscape and meet local building standards, also tend to offer a higher return on investment. However, it’s crucial to recognize that while an inground pool can be a desirable feature for many, its impact on home value can vary, making a professional appraisal and consideration of your local market important when evaluating this investment. 

What Do the Maintenance Costs Look Like After Installation?

Owning an inground pool requires regular maintenance costs to ensure its cleanliness, safety, and functional longevity. These costs can encompass a variety of needs, including regular cleaning, chemical treatments to balance the water chemistry, and upkeep of the pool’s filtration and pump systems. Additionally, heating and lighting systems may require occasional servicing to maintain efficiency and performance. While the exact amount can vary based on pool size, type, and usage, homeowners should anticipate spending anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars annually on routine maintenance tasks. Investing in automated cleaning and chemical management systems can offer upfront savings by reducing the need for professional services, although these systems can require periodic checks. Proper and consistent maintenance not only extends the life of the pool but also ensures it remains a healthy and enjoyable part of the home.

Is It Better to Hire a Professional or Have a DIY Installation? 

Deciding between a DIY inground pool project and hiring a professional such as Coastal Pools is crucial for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor living space. While the idea of a DIY project may appear cost-effective initially, it’s essential to consider the complexity and the risks involved in pool installation. Professional pool installation companies bring expertise, efficiency, and peace of mind, ensuring the project meets all safety standards and regulations. Furthermore, professionals can help avoid common pitfalls leading to more significant expenses. On the other hand, a DIY project can offer a sense of accomplishment and lower immediate costs. However, it might result in higher long-term maintenance and repair costs without the necessary skills and knowledge. 

Schedule Your Free Consultation With Us Today

Coastal Pools stands at the forefront of custom pool installation services, tailor-made to fit every homeowner’s unique vision and budget. Our personalized approach ensures that each project reflects the individual’s style and preferences while adhering to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Whether you dream of a serene oasis, a family-friendly swimming haven, or an elegant retreat, our team is dedicated to transforming your vision into a reality at custom costs that respect your financial planning. Trust in Coastal Pools to enhance the aesthetic and functional value of your outdoor living space and invest in a service that brings unrivaled satisfaction and joy for years to come. Contact us today to begin your journey toward creating the best backdrop for your family’s cherished memories with a custom pool installation that genuinely reflects your dreams and lifestyle.