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Ultimate Relaxation on Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay

Custom Concrete Swimming Pools,Recent Projects

This project was fun from the start, rarely do we get to build this close to the water but this home owner had an existing pool that was very old and Pre-Existed any regulations for distance from the water to the pool. We were able to take that original foot print and expand upon it, to make this pool feel and look like it is one with the Chesapeake Bay.

As you walk into the backyard, before you ever see the pool or spa, you can hear the water features running, and you know you are about to enter a serene experience.

The first thing you notice as you come around the corner is the beautiful IPE decking (done by another contractor), that is accented beautifully by the Bluestone Coping. Your eyes are then drawn to the large Tanning Ledge, with plenty of room for seating inside the pool at a shallow depth. Bubblers accent the tanning ledge, helping to add to the peaceful view you get while sitting on the tanning ledge. The trim tile that lines the ledge and steps jumps out at you as it sits in the dark Deep Sea Blue pebble with glass bead pool finish by Wet Edge Technologies.

As you start to walk around the pool, you notice the deck jets that send water seamlessly from the IPE decking into the pool. On the far end of the pool which is the shallow end you will see wedding cake designed steps in the corner, with the same bold, bright trim tile that makes the steps stand out in that dark finish.

Once you get to the short sides of the pool you notice a step down, as you follow that step down you will find a large sunken hot tub that has the perfect view of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The hot tub lined with that same bright bold trim tile, glimmers in the sun when the sun shines on the glass bead of the Wet Edge pool finish.

Finally you see what you believe is a large spill over, spilling water from the pool to the spa, however this is what we call a “faux” spill over and is actually a self isolated to the spa, water feature. Finally, you see what you believe is a large spill over, spilling water from the pool to the spa, however this is what we call a “faux” spill over and is actually a self-isolated to the spa, water feature. We notched the pool beam down, to make it look like the water would seamlessly flow from the pool to the spa, but we kept that notch at just the right height so water did not spill over. In the face of the spa, you will find a large sheer descent with LED lights water feature that is plumbed with the spa. This water feature is meant to mimic the look of a spillover, however because it is plumbed with the spa and not the pool, the spa has the ability to stay open during the winter months even when the pool is closed down. So that view is a 12 month a year view from your warm spa.


Waterline Tile for Pool and Spa: Tahoe Bay 2 x 2 by NPT

Trim Tile in Pool and Spa: Bari Pearl 1 x 2 by NPT

Coping: True Blue Bluestone with a flamed exposed edge

Pool Finish: Deep Sea Blue – Pebble Finish with Glass Bead (Prism Matrix) by Wet Edge Technologies

Interested in a creating your own backyard Oasis, contact Coastal Pools to do to receive your free consultation and pool design, to see how your own private paradise looks and feels.