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A Guide to Modern Luxury Swimming Pool Design

A modern luxury swimming pool design with a tanning ledge in Maryland or Delaware

The Appeal of Luxury Pools In the realm of home improvement, one feature consistently stands out as a hallmark of elegance: the swimming pool. However, not just any pool fits the bill—modern luxury swimming pools are designed to be both a visual feast and a haven of relaxation. Luxury pools not only enhance the aesthetic […]

The True Cost of an Inground Pool: What You Need to Know

True Cost of an Inground Pool

How Much to Install an Inground Pool in Maryland and Delaware  Coastal Pools, renowned for transforming outdoor living spaces into luxurious retreats, provides expertise in inground pool installation in Maryland and Delaware. Understanding how much to install an inground pool is crucial. The cost of installing an inground pool varies significantly, depending on factors such as […]

The Essential Guide to Pool Remodeling

A pool being remodeled

Providing Premier Pool Remodeling in Maryland & Delaware Transform your backyard into an oasis with Coastal Pools, the premier choice for pool remodeling services in Maryland and Delaware. With years of expertise and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in turning your existing pool into the luxurious retreat you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re looking […]

6 Clever Ways to Hide Your Pool Equipment

A pool with palm trees and grass hiding pool equipment

Out of Sight, Out of Mind Creating a seamless backyard oasis often involves more than just setting up a pool; it also involves cleverly integrating all necessary pool equipment into your landscape to maintain aesthetic and functional harmony. Here are six effective strategies to conceal your pool equipment stylishly. 1. Landscaping Ideas to Hide Pool […]

How Long Do Pool Filters Last?

A man working on pool filter

How Long Do Pool Filters Last?The Importance of Pool Filters For pool owners, maintaining clean and clear water is vital, and much of this responsibility falls on the pool filter. But one of the most common questions new and experienced pool owners alike ask is: “How long do pool filters last?” Understanding the lifespan of […]

The Pros and Cons of a Zero Entry Pool

A zero entry pool in Maryland

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Zero Entry Pool A Uniquely Beautiful Pool When summer heat waves hit, many homeowners fantasize about diving into a refreshing backyard pool. Among the many designs available, the zero entry pool, also referred to as a beach entry pool, has become popular due to its unique and aesthetic appeal. […]

How to Open a Pool for the Season

How to open a pool for the season in Delaware and Maryland

How to Open a Pool for the Season Opening a pool for the season is an exciting sign that warmer days are just around the corner. The process involves careful planning and execution to make sure that your pool is safe, clean, and ready for summer fun. Whether you’re a new pool owner or just […]